Apple Tree Connections
The Outback
Our Outback is where children start to really verbalize more and begin putting words
together. They also are determined to do things on their own, so we encourage
self-help skills as appropriate. Their personalities really come out at this stage and they
love to keep busy with dancing, running, or playing other games. They also begin
working on potty training, which is a very exciting time. A daily schedule and learning
centers are also incorporated at this age, which help to promote following routines and
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Miss Julia graduated from
the University of Southern
Maine with a BA in History
and Education. She has
years of experience
working with all age
groups and in large scale
centers. During her free
time, Julia enjoys cooking,
baking, running, reading
and photography.
Miss Chrissie
Miss Stephanie
Miss Sybil
Miss Kelly is the
Outback float and
covers the teacher’s
days off in both the
Koala and Kangaroo
Rooms. Miss Kelly
completed 3 years of
college in Elementary
Education. Kelly loves
to travel and has a goal
to visit all of the national