"… it has provided such a  positive environment and great experiences for my
daughter. From the get go, the teachers and administrative staff have made both me
and my daughter feel so comfortable and “at home” within the center. We are both
greeted by name each day by all the teachers in the center. As an infant, a toddler,
and now a preschooler, my daughter has learned so much from the teachers and
loves to come home and tell me about how much fun she had each and every day.
Thank you ATC for all you do for our family!"

Laura Miller

"As a parent it is never easy to leave your children… but knowing that your children are
in a great place at ATC where they can learn new things every day, develop
friendships, and are surrounded by people that care about them…provides us great

The Burington Family

"I love ATC because my kids and I feel as though we are part of one big, extended
family. There is an overwhelming feeling of trust and confidence throughout the
building. Each classroom my two children have been in over the past 3 1/2 years has
been complimented with an excellent teacher (sometimes two!) that loved them,
supported their growth as individuals, and also became our friend!"

Bobbi Tatro, Amrah, and Anthony
I love ATC because....
I love ATC because....
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