Welcome to our Parent Portal! We know we have fabulous parents at
our center, and it shows every day in how you all want to be involved
and contribute to our program. Based on suggestions from our parents,
we have various links below to provide you with helpful information.
Just click on the title to learn more. Please let us know if you ever want
to see more (or less) of what we have included. Thanks again for being
amazing partners!
Apple Tree Parent Partners Lending
Expertise (APPLEs) - Our parent board,
which has volunteered to help with
fundraisers, family events, teacher
appreciation, and more
ATC Business Connections - Help us
support local businesses affiliated with our
ATC families.
Upcoming Events - Check to see what we
have planned for family events and theme
days too!
ATC Rooms/Levels - Learn more about ATC's
natural environments and related animals!
Newsletters - ATC issues monthly newsletters
to keep everyone updated on current topics
and events.
Forms - Assess ATC forms such as
"Apple of our Eye" and State Licensing
forms needed for enrollment.
Spanish Resources - Are you trying to
decipher what your child is singing? Check out
Miss Tina's songs and resources, so you can
join in!
Menus - We follow a four-week schedule,
which rotates and changes with the seasons.
Resource Links - Links to parenting, health,
and other resource information.
Apple Tree Connections
Parent Portal