Early Education Ages:
We follow the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS), which is an
overall framework of developmentally appropriate expectations for young children. It
is used a guide for assessing development, planning for goals, and implementing
programs to help our children reach those goals. In addition, our curriculum, the
Appleton Area School District’s (AASD's) Birth to Five Standards defines specific
areas of focus in several categories of development. Our lesson plans reference
these goals, and our ongoing assessments are based on these standards as well.

School Age:
We follow the School Age Curricular Framework (SACF) for our school age children,
which serves as a guide for what and how we teach. We also reference the Appleton
Area School District’s (AASD’s) Curriculum as a general developmental guide by
grade level. Our lesson plans reference the nine content areas for SACF while also
taking into consideration the AASD standards. Our ongoing assessments are based
on these items as well.

If you would like additional information, please see the front desk. We have several
detailed documents we can share with you.
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