Welcome to our 4K Parent Portal! We
understand the incredible impact the 4K
program will have on our children,
families,and the community, and we are
very excited to be an AASD partner site.
The information on this website includes
resources and references to assist our
4K parents. Please let us know if you
ever want to see more (or less) of what
we have included. Thanks again for being
amazing partners!
Apple Tree Connections
4K Parent Portal
4K News:
4K Enrollment is
coming soon for the
017-2018 School
Year. Please call
560-5437 to learn
more about how to
enroll. If you need
Extended 4K (before
and/or after 4K),
please call 560-5437.

Helpful Links:

AASD 4K Website
ATC 4K Team:
Click here to learn
more about our
wonderful 4K Team!